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The last time was marked by a big fuss around security and privacy issues in the App Store and Google Play provoked by some Chinese apps. As a result, the Biden administration has lately adopted a law targeting Chinese tech companies deemed to pose a threat to the United States. The main issue here is that letting apps access more data on your phone than required can lead to security risks and sensible information exposure. …

We have some novelties from iScanner app! Meet our new version with Count Mode Feature. From now Count mode is available both for iOS and Android.

Count mode is a new unique feature for b2c users in AppStore. New AI based functionality helps to count any objects in two taps on the screen.

Everyone who needs to count a lot of similar items can point the camera of their iPhone or iPad at an object and AI will count the rest of the similar objects.

  • Users can count the pizza delivered before the party
  • Number of pills in a package
  • Users can even count the number of similar socks after washing!
iScanner Count mode

This feature can also be used in everyday work life:

  • Merchandisers can count easily their products on the shelves
  • Collectors can count the items in their collections.

BP Mobile Company is proud to share the story from one of our driving apps — iScanner app (60M Downloads WW, #1 among scanners in AppStore). Comparing the times of pandemic with the previous year, the number of users who downloaded the iScanner app has grown by 145.73%. The revenue increased by 137.9%. Let’s see how we made it.

The main strategy we adopted in this period in product management and marketing consists of the following steps:


  • Developing the app’s functionality to facilitate remote work during lockdown (e-signature, stamps)
  • Developing the app’s functionality to help students and teachers with…

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