How to Celebrate World Paper Free Day

BP Mobile
3 min readNov 4, 2022

World Paper Free Day is an excellent environmental initiative intended to draw public attention to the problem of increasing paper consumption. For more details on how it started and why it’s important, please check out our post here. Today, on the eve of November 6th, we’d like to talk about ways we can celebrate World Paper Free Day and not let this important date pass unnoticed.

If you’re not a remote worker, you’ve got boundless opportunities to generate buzz around the office. Planting trees and taking an impressive pile of old documents to a recycling center are definitely two good ways to make a contribution. However, they take a lot of preparation and organization, and there are less demanding ways to support the cause.

Post on Social Media

If your company has social media accounts, it would be a grand idea to launch a campaign or at least make a post. It takes only seconds to write about World Paper Free Day but does a great deal of good for the cause. If you’re not too keen on writing your own post, we have prepared a nice poster you can easily share directly from the iScanner app or this article.

Competition Brings the Best Ideas

You could also set up a contest in the office for the best idea on how to reduce the amount of paper where the winner gets a pleasant bonus. Regardless of what your company does, there will be processes or procedures that can be improved in this regard. This is an excellent opportunity to encourage employees to find them and can benefit both the environment and the company budget.

Recycling Party

Another option is to install recycling bins around the office and set up a rule that once a month (or more often depending on how much your company relies on paper-based workflow) everyone will go through their papers and get rid of paperwork they no longer need. A trip to a recycling center with coworkers could grow into a nice dinner party afterward.

Get Rid of Filing Cabinets

A single filing cabinet costs businesses around $1,500 a year. If your office still has filing cabinets, you could declare war on them. Set a goal of tackling one cabinet a month by digitizing its contents. A nice idea would be to turn it into a competition. Split into teams, make bets, and see which team can digitize their cabinet first.

A Signature Move

Corporate email signatures are pretty important. They create the first impression and can signal professionalism and raise brand awareness. But that’s not all they do! You can add logos, images, and slogans to your email signature to showcase your company’s values. Why not make a special one for World Paper Free Day? It serves two purposes at the same time: raises awareness and shows that your company cares.

All in all, anything you can think of to celebrate and draw attention to World Paper Free Day is great. Unleash your creativity and join forces with colleagues. You have a great chance to hit not two, but three birds with one stone: help the environment, have a nice team-building experience, and potentially save some money for the company.