iScanner app was enhanced by File Manager

The team of AI-powered iScanner app platform has just released the new version with improved function of documents keeping — File manager.

Everyday people interact with dozens of different documents and to keep them in order may be a difficult task. Remind yourself of the situation when you need to find a pile of documents such as contracts, partner agreements, billings, and receipts on the go while business travelling or even just keep in one place ID and passport copies for all your family members before going on holidays. It’s a quite common situation when a man or a woman just takes a photo of some important document and then infinitely scrolls their photo roll to find it — you can’t call it a convenient solution.

The iScanner app helps not only make the perfect scans of all documents, but also arrange everything with the File manager. It will take only a few minutes to create all the folders and subfolders you need, drag & drop your files. Each iScanner’ user can sort documents or folders by date, number or name and, if it’s needed, protect with the password. All that can save quite a bit of time. Besides, it’s always good to separate your business and personal life.




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