Successful growth during COVID. iScanner case study

BP Mobile
2 min readMar 26, 2021


BP Mobile Company is proud to share the story from one of our driving apps — iScanner app (60M Downloads WW, #1 among scanners in AppStore). Comparing the times of pandemic with the previous year, the number of users who downloaded the iScanner app has grown by 145.73%. The revenue increased by 137.9%. Let’s see how we made it.

The main strategy we adopted in this period in product management and marketing consists of the following steps:


  • Developing the app’s functionality to facilitate remote work during lockdown (e-signature, stamps)
  • Developing the app’s functionality to help students and teachers with remote learning (integration with Canvas, Google Classroom etc, OCR improvement, math problem solver)
  • Free full access to all apps’ premium features for all students, teachers and educational institutions;
  • Unlimited number of documents and scans for all app users;


  • Creatives. Starting from February 2020, all marketing materials were refocused on using iScanner and helping people set up their work amidst lockdown.
  • Testing users’ feedback on new features that have been developed during the quarantine period (Math problem solving, Count mode)
  • Education. Promo of the functionality for EDU institutions


  • Downloads: 2019–10M; 2020–14,9M Growth: 145.73%
Diversification of users of iScanner app in 2020
Growth of number of users in the beginning of COVID-19 lockdown

Chief Product Officer at BPMobile, Serge Aliseenko:

“Here at BPMobile quality of our apps and user satisfaction is our top priority. That’s why iScanner app is such a success on the App Stores. When we saw an impressive increase in the number of users amidst the first pandemic wave, we made a strategic decision to give iScanner app for free to all students, teachers and Educational institutions worldwide; also later we completely removed all the limits on number of scans and documents for all of our users to support people and small businesses across the globe in this difficult times.”.